Thursday, August 14, 2014

Buenos días,
This is my first blog ,so take it easy! I am constantly thinking about food. Either its the food that Im eating or the food that I just ate, or the food that i'm going to eat.
     The conversation might start off as a posit of what might you order , or want to eat if you were on death row. For me the answer is almost always "Chilaquiles" or " Chilaqs" . Don't be led astray by the haters that say Cilaqs are just nachos. That's like saying a sauce is just soup.
     Chilaquiles are a genre of dishes that have , as their DNA, fried corn tortilla chips, sauteed onions and chiles, a sauce or salsa and then , typically cheese . That being said, this is the femme fatal without her clothes on. Sure even a naked lady can look enticing,,,,,but the kicker are those thing that adorn her
     How does one make the chips? What brand of tortillas? Might you fry them then crisp them further in the oven,,,,or dry them in the oven and then fry them?
     What kind of onion? Sweet Spanish? White? Shallots? Super sweet Mayan or Visalia?
     What kind chiles? Anaheim/Hatch? Roasted or not? Guajillo, Ancho dried or Fresh roasted Poblano?...... This is not to confuse or discourage ,but rather widen your horizon of CHILICIOUS CHILAQ CHOICES.............OK first blog down now ," it's time to eat".

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  1. Okay I suppose we should get to a basic recipe so that we can deconstruct it and start twisting the dial. The basics are fried corn tortillas( I like Guerrero) count out 3-4 tortillas per person and cut into 1/4s, or 1/8ths, pizza style or cut twice across to make long strip 3rds, then turn 90 deg. and repeat. Fry these little torts in veggie oil until golden brown. Then they can be removed and left to sit on paper towels to soak up the oil, NOT olive oil.These are now called "doraditos" or "totopos". in the same pan :Saute 1 Med diced onion ,I like Spanish Yellow, 2-3 Ortega green chiles finely diced.After saute then add 1/2 can - 1 can of El Pato 8oz.,,,2-3 tomatoes cut in half, seeded. then grated to separate off the skin or diced. Add 1 8 oz can tomato sauce. Toss the doradito /chips in and coat with salsa/sauce and cover with mediumou can use a bottled salsa like La Victoria or any chunky style salsa,When we but no matter what ,,saute the onion and green chiles'''''''''''''''''BETTER
    When talk about the saute we can also say "Sofrito" The holy trinity, or Mirepoix. Now in French and English food " the holy trinity is sauteed diced celery, onions and carrots. In Mex " The Holy Trinity is the color of the flag. green ,white, and red= Chiles, Onions, and Tomatoes,,,,Verde ,Blanco , y Colorado.